Home Based Primary Care

"Cure Sometimes, Treat Often, Comfort Always" --Hippocrates


To provide optimal and personalised care plan to build a healthier and happier you.


Palliative Care

Symptom management, end of life care, cancer, bereavement

Medication Management

Poly-pharmacy, drug optimization

Lifestyle Management

Chronic disease management, nutrition and exercise, elderly care

Post-discharge Follow-up

Recovery assessment, regular medical checkup

Mental Well-being

Psychometric assessment, counseling, psychotherapy (anxiety, depression, phobias, etc.)

Minor Medical Procedures

Debridement, bed sores, wound care, vaccination, catheterization, injections

Our Story

Aveksha the Home Based Primary Care Program initiated in April 2019 was conceived to revive and redefine approach to home based care with the principles of family medicine and palliative care; attending to the entire spectrum of cradle to grave.

Initiated as a physician-pharmacist team, we are dedicated to creating a home health care tribe through training medical and allied healthcare professionals.

Our inspiration is driven from the Patient Centred Uber model where the canvas is focused mainly on the patient/s with their family in the centre and a team of medical professionals to provide quality health at the comforts of their homes.

Aveksha was conceived to bring home based health care to the entire spectrum of living: from the newborn to the elderly.

We initiated services in April 2019 led by a physician-clinical pharmacist team and have seen great response and need for such a service in the community.

Our inspiration is drawn from patients and their families and we strongly practise shared decision making in health care plans.

We are invested in grooming the upcoming health professionals in home health care through fellowship and internship opportunities.


aveksha model